Got the MAP?

The Market Awareness Platform

Situational Awareness

Imagine a pilot operating your next flight with the horizon as the only means of navigation.

Foggy thinking, eh? As any pilot knows one needs an array of complementary instrumentation to navigate in all conditions.

Proper instrumentation enables better decisions through quick understanding of market influences at a glance--that's Situational Awareness and the key objective of the MAP--Accutic's Market Awareness Platform.

The Bar Chart Horizon

Understanding volatility requires more than a glance at a price chart.

Although easy to see trends they don't show how derivative prices are related.

You need a better tool to visualize price discovery.

Smart Gauges

Designed for situational awareness Accutic's Patent Pending user interface mimics the look and feel of a cockpit gauge.

Components clearly visualize related futures, options, and implied volatility relative to common reference points.

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